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Bigger ,Better And Newer -The New Standard Of Eye Care In Mumbai

Dr. Cyres Mehta is no stranger to progress, he started his private practice in a little 300 sq foot room near the old Strand cinema in 2009 .Just last week he moved into a huge posh 2000 sq ft premises on the same floor as his existing clinic behind the Taj Mahal hotel on Mandlik road.

Whats new Dr Cyres we ask him,why the extra space?
Too cramped it was getting. Also I have acquired lots of new technology so I needed the room.

Dr Cyres has assembled the best technology in the world for the benefit of patients

About Dr. Cyres Mehta


Dr. Cyres K. Mehta learnt laser cataract and number removal LASIK surgery from the great american surgeon and inventor Prof Howard Fine, President of the American Society of Cataract Surgeons in USA in the year 2000-2001.

He is currently Surgical Chief of Asia's most advanced eye centre, "Dr Cyres K. Mehta's International Eye Centre which attracts people from more than 25 countries around the world.

He is a pioneer of robotic cataract surgery in India and has been timed at an amazing under 3 minutes for a cataract surgery from start to finish.

He believes in new technology and its ability to change peoples lives.

SLT Nano Laser for Glaucoma - First Time in India

Glaucoma affects 5-7 percent of the population .Until now besides eyedrops ,invasive surgery in the operating room was the only option. Surgery can have side effects like poor vision and bleeding.Eyedrops have side effects like drowsiness, irritation, breathing difficulty and redness and pricking

For years a laser treatment of glaucoma called ALT existed but was not effective Now for the first time in INDIA we have anew NANO SLT laser.

This system is totally non invasive and lower the pressure 5-8 points in just one 2 minute sitting. Since its non invasive the patient can go swim immediately after the treatment or even catch a movie.

Premier Glaucoma center of Europe ,the Glaucoma center in Lausanne,Switzerland does over a 100 SLT treatments a month showing how effective it is in reducing glaucoma in patients.

Until recently ultrasound was used to measure the eye for lens power before cataract surgery. Then came the laser which actually couldn’t measure eyes with hard indian cataracts often. Now we have acquired the worlds best IOLMASTER 700 from Ziess which uses swept source OCT which measures through the hardest cataracts. Naturally our lens power calculation is many times more accurate.

OPTIKON KERATRON ,corneal topographer to measure the front surface of the eye for LASIK evaluations and corneal diseases

ZIESS VISULAS III -This is the best YAG laser system in the world from Ziess Germany
Here we can cut membranes in the eye or perform iridectomies and other small anterior chamber procedures without touching the eye.

What new surgeries are you doing, Dr Cyres,we ask him

Normally we need to do an angiography in diabetic retinopathy to see leakages as well in vein occlusions or age related macular degeneration. This dye is injected through a hand vein and sometime the patient reacts to the dye and vomiting and fainting is rather common. Its dangerous to inject dye sometimes in patients who have bad kidneys or are very old.

This new system does the same angio and detects the membrane without any injection.It does 100,000 scans /second at incredible speed and can actually detect the movement of individual blood cells in the capillaries.

We can track the progress of macular degeneration patents during treatment without an injection and actually see the size of the membrane Also This system can detect glaucoma upto 3-4 years before conventional field testing